Friday, April 1, 2011

Film Inspo

FACTORY GIRL: My number one favorite movie that not only includes a glimpse of the peculiar yet brilliant life and factory of Andy Warhol, but how he used and abused his socialite muse, Edie Sedgwick played by the breathtaking Sienna Miller. The art, the fashion, the drama, and the cinematography hook me every time I press play.

Though Edie wears sheer black tights, underwear as outerwear is back in trend whether it be a sheer blouse revealing a bra or as pictured on CHEYENNE meets CHANEL a long black sheer dress by LF. Hayden Christensen plays Bob Dyaln although they never reveal his name, what girl wouldn't fall for his sexy voice, mesmerizing lyrics, and ability to rock the harmonica and guitar. Why not put him on your shirt to show your love with this She loves Bob Dylan Singlet by Spell Designs. And last Edie never left the house without oversized earrings weighing her down, these feather earrings from ModCloth will accenuate your boho look without stretching your lobes. 

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE : Second all-time favorite film that takes you on a trip(literally) of the Beatles music and how the war, drugs, and everything else going on in the world affected their changes in music. A musical(don't let this stop you from watching the movie) that involves the talented Evan Rachel Wood and dreamy Jim Sturgess who battle loss, mind-altering drugs, effects of war, and of course the ups and downs of love. Their hippie style paired with the greatest Beatles' songs make me wish I had a time machine to relive this era.

Sisters who are obsessed with searching for the top vintage items in SoCal, resell their finds on When Decades Collide. Their selection will not break your bank and allow you to display your love for any decade. Also pictured above a dress and western tooled bag by Free People who also has an amazing collection of vintage items. Although a little more pricey, one can find the exact style that is portrayed in this film. 

ALMOST FAMOUS: I think everyone can agree that this movie is in almost everyone's top five. Not only another hit for its choice in music but the fashion along with Kate Hudson's depiction of a true "band-aide" makes me fall in love time after time. Penny Lane is a character that we are envious of and also feel for when being a music groupie hits hard if you fall in love with the married lead guitarist, Russell Hammond.

Re-create your own Penny Lane style with these Woodstock Shades from NastyGal, paired with a cropped lace top from Hard Couture, and finally her famous Shearling Drape Jacket in Camel from once again NastyGal.

These are my go-to movies for style, fashion, and music, what about yours?

Enjoy, Viktoria
"I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends." - Penny Lane


  1. This blog is such a great concept! I love to put outfits together that are influenced by movies, books, or art. When I'm out photographing I specifically look for people who had an idea in mind when they got dressed. Perhaps I will spot you!

  2. Thanks Amy, hope to see you soon!