Monday, November 21, 2011

Dirty Dirty Dub

Skrillex with 12th Planet - Congress Theater 11-11-11

via Twitter: "@12thplanet: @BohoChicago SOO CRUNCHY" - enough said

Although I'm still salty about his early exit, 11-11-11 was spent with a great crew (aka #NeonRageCrew) and full of dirty dirty beats. Rage on.

MiM0SA with The M Machine & Sleepyhead at The House of Blues 11-18
  For my sixth weekend concert bender, a few friends and I decided last minute to head to the famous HOB for some late night dubby.

The show didn't begin till 11:59pm and MiM0SA had our faces melting until 4am. Unfortunately blogger won't upload videos, but take my advice if Tigran Mkhitaryan is in your neck of the woods stop by for some grimy sounds.

side note: extremely annoyed with blogger and it's inability to upload videos correctly

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