Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Summer of Music Part I

Summer's over and Fall is here and I sit here ashamed of the lack of effort I put in to my blog these past few months. As I look back and blame work on my laziness, I realize although I should have given it more attention, I have had the BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE. And I feel like sharing. So here's to Summer 2011: the year of live music, crazy experiences, and almost too many "lucky" occurrences.

Festie #1: Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores of Alabama)

It's Friday afternoon and I'm sulking behind my desk knowing my best friends from college are heading to the first day of the Hangout Music Fest.  Not only does this fest have a sick lineup of shows for 3 days straight, you're barefoot in the sand with the ocean breeze in your face as you listen, dance, and rock out to your favorite musicians. Thankfully my luck changed. A friend at work knew an extra seat in a car heading to the fest that night with free wristbands, so I hopped in a car with two complete strangers and arrived to the girls' beach house Saturday afternoon. 

Saturday consisted of Avett Brothers, The Flaming Lips, and Foo Fighters. Took a quick break and headed to the Boom Boom Room for late night Big Gigantic and Pretty Lights.

Front and center of my favorite show of the weekend.

Danced to Girl Talk, swayed to Black Keys, and completed the fest with legendary Paul Simon. 32 hours in a car for 40 hours on the beach with these guys, I'm in every time.

Dispatch at Millenium Park (Chicago)

The happiest moment of my summer was dancing around close friends and singing every Dispatch lyric at the top of my lungs. With the gorgeous city as the backdrop this show was one I had waited to see for over 7 years and it did not disappoint.

Festie #2: Dave Matthews Caravan (Lakeside Chicago)

So I had no plan on attending a Dave show this summer since I have seen at least two every season since high school, but luck had it that a certain musician I met in Februrary was playing in the caravan and set aside a few free 3day passes for me. Another fest for free, ha why not. But the night before I kicked off my second festival, I had won tickets to Flaming Lips at my favorite Chicago venue, the Aragon Ballroom.

Friday at the Caravan

After almost two hours of traveling to the southeast side of the city, we ventured the grounds listening to Drive by Truckers, O.A.R., and of course finishing with Dave's set.


Day two took even longer to make it to the fest and we missed Dave & Tim's acoustic show (I'm still salty about it), but we caught a great set by G. Love and Special Sauce. He rocked on the harmonica, played the dirty version of "Booty Call" and showed off songs from his new album Fixin' to Die. Kid Cudi came on next and stole the weekend for me. The crowd loves him and he knows out to perform, not to mention how fucking good he looks up there.

Old shit, new shit I fell in love with Cudi that day.


Spent most of Sunday in the lounge where the free alcohol flowed and I got to hang out with my brothers. Though I doubt I'd return to a show at "Lakeside" again, it was another great weekend of music.

Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field 
Though I didn't have tickets, I decided if a Beatle was in town I better stop by. 

Luckily enough got on the roof of the Fire House and watched him finish the show from a great view.

Festivals 3, 4, and more on the way...

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